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This brand had firstly started as a hobby, and this site as a place for showcasing the growth of my artistic journey with digital illustrations. However, November 2020 was when I received a request that would take this journey into a different direction: my first ever commission. 

I really do have to thank this member of my extended family for this request, because I never would have realised how much I enjoyed the process of working with someone else to make something so special to them. 


You'll see below the result of the few collaborations I have done since with my amazing clients. Thank you so much to all those who have trusted me since. 


  • Wedding Ceremony Cards (print)

  • Wedding Invites (digital, video and print)

  • Save the Dates (digital and print)

  • Table Cards

  • Place Cards

  • Welcome Boards 

  • Table Plan Boards

  • Thank You Cards

  • Venue Line Art Illustration

If you would like to commission me to design all of the above, or the majority, then please do get in touch and we can work on a wedding package together that suits you, your style and your needs. 

I can also work on commissions leading up to your wedding, such as mendhi nights, receptions, chandlo matlis, thank you cards and more.

Special Occasions & Bespoke Wall Art

  • Engagement/Wedding Wall Art Presents

  • Anniversary Presents

  • 'Sorry You're Leaving' Presents

  • Birthday Gift Wall Art

  • Valentine's Day Wall Art

  • Wall Art for your Home

  • Dinner Party Place Cards (names and figures)

Greeting Cards

  • Birthday 

  • Anniversary

  • Valentine's Day

  • Christmas

  • Congratulations!


Post-wedding idea for you!

Ever fancied a way of showing off your haars even after an event? Why not consider having a framed minimalist print done of both yourself and your loved one, and leaving space for your haars underneath.


For a more visual idea of what I mean, have a look at the photo on the right, with the bride and groom coming up with the bright idea in the first place! 


To place a commission request or to get in touch about anything else, please use the forms on the contact page of the website.

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